Somehow I ended up teaching art along the way. I have ten years experience in tutoring my own regular art classes in watercolour flower painting and general illustration/painting, as well as a series of workshops. Whilst I drew these to a close for pastures new, I have very fond memories stored and have met some wonderful people, all of whom showed great commitment and reaped the rewards in the high quality of the work they produced.

During these years I wrote up many handouts and guides which we used in the classes. Quite a body of work in retrospect, so it seems most fitting for me to share these with you here. And you never know, they could come in handy if you’re  interested in painting or drawing for a new interest. So feel free to download any of these pdfs which take your fancy…

In watercolour and most media, it’s all about the building up of layers:

THE BASICS: Suggested Materials ♦  Stretching paper ♦  Watercolour Mixing ♦  General watercolour experiments
Drawing and Painting Flowers in Watercolour (basic)

MORE IN DEPTH: Atmospheric backgrounds in watercolour ♦  Watercolour backgrounds – creativity and control ♦
Watercolour Brush and Paint control excercises ♦  Creative effects summary list

LANDSCAPE PAINTING ELEMENTS: Painting Skies and Clouds ♦  Painting Foreground Foliage♦  Painting water ♦
Painting Trees and BushesPainting walls, buildingsPainting sea and waves

COMPOSITION: Composition guidelinesComposition VisualsIdeas for subjects

MORE TECHNICAL/BOTANICAL: Pen and ink illustrationPen and ink visuals 
Watercolour botanical and flower painting techniques (extended) ♦ Watercolour experiments for flower paintingIvy Leaf Stages (as above)

Here is how the traditional underpainting technique looks. Tonal underpainting on the left, final on the right:

And here are the pdfs Hyacinth UnderpaintingHyacinth final

That’s it! I hope someone finds this helpful 🙂 

Very happy to connect with you here: