Buying Products

There are so many options now for artists to allow their work to be more accessible. This widens the range of customers and can make buying art more affordable. We can make our work available as framed prints, box canvases, cushions, notebooks, mugs, cards and a host of other options. This means that sold or ‘not for sale’ originals can still be enjoyed in one form or another, just like the options in the image below. As I get older, I tend to care more about my work being enjoyed than making a profit, and these buying options tune in with my passion for interior design.

If you are interested, you can visit my Redbubble shop from where I have taken this taster screenshot (prices shown are just as captured at the time) They pack their goods really well and there are distribution centres in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe.

Sample products available from my shop at Redbubble


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